How Manavi Capital is revolutionizing the NFT market

Die Welt des Investierens bietet viele Möglichkeiten, um Vermögen aufzubauen und finanzielle Sicherheit für die Zukunft zu schaffen.Es ist wichtig, in verschiedene Anlageklassen und geografisch diversifizierte Investitionen zu diversifizieren, um das Risiko zu minimieren und eine stabile Rendite zu erzielen.
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Manavi Capital has created a tool that is revolutionizing the NFT market in order to create one million people-oriented jobs over the next few years. The company provides investors and companies with tools and spaces where they can meet and create the future. It exclusively finances tangible assets of companies that think and act in a people-oriented way.

Management and business model

Manavi Capital attaches particular importance to the management and business model of the company to be financed. The management should be motivated and value-based, while the business model must be sustainable and future-proof for the information society.


Manavi Capital exclusively finances tangible assets of companies that are leased on a long-term basis and offer investors an adequate return. In this process, a digital contract is issued as an NFT, which can be sold by the investor at any time. After the purchase, investors register on the Manavi Capital website and receive a physical certificate of purchase on the tangible asset in addition to their fractional ownership.

NFT marketplace: Investing in the pre-founding phase of patent startups

Innovative ideas need financial support to be successfully implemented. However, many scientists fail due to a lack of capital to develop a prototype and file a patent application. And yet a successful company can emerge from every patent. This is where the NFT marketplace comes in and closes an important gap in the financing of patent prototypes.

The approach is simple: The NFT marketplace finances the prototype and supports the company in the second step with financing via venture capital and its own NFT marketplace. Social Business Investors can already join in the pre-start-up phase.

Invest in a future worth living
Our motto is: Do good and earn appropriately at the same time! This is a win-win situation for everyone.

The goal of the Social Business Investors is to finance one million new people-oriented jobs within ten years.

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