Manavi Capital finances the world of tomorrow

Die Welt des Investierens bietet viele Möglichkeiten, um Vermögen aufzubauen und finanzielle Sicherheit für die Zukunft zu schaffen.Es ist wichtig, in verschiedene Anlageklassen und geografisch diversifizierte Investitionen zu diversifizieren, um das Risiko zu minimieren und eine stabile Rendite zu erzielen.
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Georgian fintech company Manavi Capital has developed an innovative financing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. With its white-label portal and comprehensive services, Manavi Capital helps companies raise financing through private lenders in a professional and legally compliant manner. This creates independence from banks and provides companies with a second source of financing.

A healthy cash cycle and contribution to financial justice

Manavi Capital’s financing solution enables companies to create and secure people-oriented jobs. This in turn creates substantial added value and contributes to financial justice and broad prosperity. After all, only a broad middle class can guarantee freedom and democracy. The healthy money cycle created by financing via private investors ensures that the money reaches the real economy and thus creates substantial added value.

Customers are small and medium-sized enterprises

Manavi Capital’s customers are small and medium-sized companies that want to raise additional financing through private lenders. This is because companies often do not have sufficient assets or collateral to meet bank lending requirements. Also, due to their limited experience, many companies have difficulty making financial projections and developing business plans that meet bank requirements.

Omid Manavi – Financial Analysis and Consulting Expert

Omid Manavi is the founder of Manavi Capital and an expert in financial analysis, marketing and consulting. Together with his business partner Jens Schumacher, he has developed an innovative, internet-based financing platform with a holistic financing and marketing concept.

Manavi Capital provides holistic support for the implementation as part of the white label solution. The development of all necessary documents, the implementation of the portal and the complete marketing are provided as a full service.

Manavi Capital thus assumes a pioneering role on the market and demonstrates once again that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand.

To learn more, companies can register for the free video course at the Social Business Investor Club. In this video course, interested companies receive detailed instructions on how raising financing via private investors works.